Bracelets For Men – A Complete Style Guide!

A complete guide on how to best wear bracelets as a man.

The bracelet is a great accessory, it is easy to wear, timeless, easy to vary and does very well with other accessories, such as your watch. It boost your outfit and elevates it to new heights.

All of these things make the bracelet our absolute favorite when it comes to men’s accessories!

But just because it’s flexible and easy to carry doesn’t mean you don’t have to have a plan when it comes to your bracelet. Just as for all accessories, and garments for that matter, there are some things to keep in mind if you want to get the most stylish outfit possible.

In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know, and how to think about men’s bracelets!

Different types of bracelets for men

As with most things, you can divide bracelets into different types. The primary types are these 5:

  • leather Bracelet
  • stone Bracelets
  • Metal links and chains
  • Bangle bracelets
  • Ropes and cords

These different types obviously fit different well with each other, with other accessories and with your clothing, which we go into in detail a little further down.

How to match bracelets with the rest of the outfit?

The bracelet is a great way to enhance your outfit and create a unique style without breaking any dress codes at work, weddings or other events. But to make it look good, find the right bracelet that matches with the rest of your outfit so that it becomes a nice whole, and not a lot of loose parts.

Although the bracelet is flexible and versatile, there are some style rules you want to think about to add something sensible to your outfit, and not just make it plot-rich.

1. Complement your watch

The bracelet material should complement your watch, not copy your watch. If you wear a watch with steel bracelets, you should choose bracelets in leather or fabric. If you have a watch with leather bracelets, you should invest in bracelets in steel or stone and if you have a watch with fabric bracelets, you should choose bracelets in a material harder than your watch bracelets, such as stone, steel or leather.

The reason for this is that you always want your outfit to have a clear balance. You want to mix and match different materials and colors that go well together to create a smooth and stylish whole. If you run a leather watch with leather bracelets, leather belt, and leather shoes, well then it can easily be a little good leather.

2: The harder the bracelet, the more dressed

A good basic rule to remember is that the harder the material your bracelet is, the more dressy it is, provided it is not sickly gory with lots of jewels, dragons or axes.

This means that the dress hierarchy is as follows: Steel -> Chains -> Stone -> Leather -> Fabric.

3: Bracelets are also subject to the color matching law

Everything in your outfit, including bracelets, should be obeyed by the superior color matching law. The goal of an outfit is to create a nice harmony between materials and colors. You should not look like a rainbow, but you should not dress completely in black. Think balance and dynamics.

You can read more about color matching and why it is so important in our great guide to color matching.

Here are some tips and advice on how to best wear bracelets for different clothing styles and dress codes.

How to wear bracelets casually

Smart casual is best described as a balance between relaxed and dressed. Outfits such as chinos, t-shirt, jackets and sneakers or shirt, jeans, brogue shoes and pullovers are good examples of smart casual outfits. For this style, your choice of bracelets is very flexible, since most things work, as long as it fits in with the rest of your outfit.

Since Smart casual means a balance between dressed and relaxed, you should choose the type of bracelet with care. For example, if you drive sneakers, jeans and a shirt, well then you should choose more dressed bracelets so as not to dress too much. The same applies if you run chinos, jacket and shirt, well then it can be nice with fabric bracelets and a pair of sneakers, otherwise, your outfit’s dressiness starts to go past Smart casual and instead approach Business casual.

Bracelet for men style tips

Bracelet for costume and other clean outfits

When it comes to the cleanest outfits, such as a coat, tuxedo and dark suit, you should stick to the more clean materials, ie steel, stone, and leather. Skip the fabric bracelets, as these are a bit well laid-back.

It’s about a suit that doesn’t fall under the dress code dark suit, well then your choices of bracelets are completely free, provided they go well with your watch. However, be sure not to wear the most eye-catching bracelets if you are going for a proper event, but instead invest in bracelets in darker and calmer colors.

If you dress in jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers, your options are obviously very many. Here it is mostly about choosing the right material on the bracelets so that they can complement other accessories.

For example, if you have a watch with metal bracelets, you should choose bracelets in leather or fabric. The soft bracelets complement the hard watch which creates a nice balance.

Bracelet men’s style guide

A few quick style tips to help you wear bracelets in style.

If you are going to wear more than one bracelet, you should try to combine different materials, eg. colored leather bracelets with braided fabric bracelets, or a leather bracelet with a stone bracelet.

Try to find bracelets that you will be alone in wearing, not just buy the cheapest bracelets you can find.
Bracelets work for virtually all outfits, regardless of T-shirt and shorts or a full suit, you can always add a pair of stylish bracelets to further enhance your outfit.

Bracelets are an effective way to dress down an outfit if you feel it is getting too clean. A few simple fabric bracelets or braided leather bracelets can help take your suit down to a more everyday level.

Conclusion men’s bracelets

The bracelet for men is a wonderfully useful accessory that can make a big difference to your outfit. Feel free to add a bracelet even when you have more dressed clothes, such as a suit.

Here are simple rules to remember when choosing a bracelet:

  • The bracelet material should complement your watch, not copy your watch. Match leather bracelets with watches that have steel bracelets and wear steel or stone bracelets to watches with leather bracelets
  • The harder the material a bracelet is, the more dressed it is
  • Don’t forget to color match your bracelets with the rest of your outfit!

Hopefully, this elaborate style wristband for men’s bracelets can help you take your outfits to the next level, with the help of some well-placed bracelets.

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