Bracelet Size Guide What You Should Know

How big a bracelet should be in relation to your wrist is, of course, a matter of appearance and taste and also depending on the type of bracelet you are referring to.

For example, you may want a leather bracelet sitting slightly tighter than the steel bracelet. If you still have to say a guideline, you can measure the circumference on your wrist and put on about 1.5 cm to get a decent circumference on the bracelet you buy. Example: your wrist has a circumference of 18.5 cm, then a bracelet that is around 20 cm in circumference will be just right.

How to measure the circumference around a wrist

1. Take a tape measure and put it over your wrist as shown. It is important that the circumference of the wrist is measured where the arrow points. Note that it is easier to take help from someone to measure the circumference around your wrist than to do it yourself.

2. Wrap the tape measure around the wrist. Do not tighten the tape measure too hard, nor leave it too loose. Now you see your perimeter. The example in the picture shows a circumference of about 15.4 – 15.5 cm. Feel free to repeat the measurement a few times to see that you get the same measure. Of course, the wrist is measured on guys and girls uaing the same method.

Bracelet size guide

Below you can find a size guide for wrist circumference and bracelet size. As you can see, the bracelet should be slightly larger than the circumference in order to have it sit comfortably on the wrist.

Wrist circumference (mm)    Size (mm)
160 – 175                                              S (185)
175 – 195                                              M (205)
195 – 215                                              L (220)

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