Best Way to Store Your Jewelry

In order for your jewelery to stay nice, it is important that you store it properly. There are a lot of ways you can store your jewelry and maybe even more ways you shouldn’t store your jewelry.

Regardless of whether your jewelry is genuine or fake, it does not feel good to store it in humid environments such as in a bathroom. Leaving jewelry in a box or hanging on a jewelry tree is also not something we recommend. Both air and moisture affect your jewelry to make it ugly. Silver jewelery, for example, definitely does not like staying in a humid environment. They get dark and ugly pretty quickly.

Therefore, it is extra important that you store your jewelry properly. How you store your jewelry also depends on how much space you have. Some have the option of having a large drawer in the wardrobe while others may have only a small space in the bedside table.

Jewelry box protects against sunlight

Jewelry feels good about being stored separately. Then you also do not have to mess them up and in the worst case break. The absolute best way to store jewelry is in a jewelry box separated from each other. When your jewelery is stored separately, you do not run the risk of lying against each other. There are lots of different jewelry boxes in different sizes.
Rings and earrings are best kept in a jewelry box. In a jewelry box, there are usually specially designed places for earrings and rings. Also, you don’t have to worry about the light making the jewelry dark and ugly.

Ziplock bag protects against moisture

Another way to store jewelry is in a ziplock bag. Almost all jewelery, except for pearls that need moisture, is best enjoyed being trapped in its own bag. A ziplock bag protects your jewelry from both air and moisture.
But be sure to protect them from sunlight too. Even if you put them nicely in a ziplock bag, you need to put them in a box or in a jewelry box to prevent them from being discolored by the sunlight.

Avoid tangled necklaces in chains

Necklaces in chains have the ability to clash with themselves or with other chains. The best thing is to keep each necklace separately. To prevent the chain from tangling, you can take a little stiffer paper and cut two cuts in the upper corners and let the chain go through these cuts. Then you can put the chain in a small box – why not a ziplock bag.

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