How to Measure Your Wrist

Average Wrist size For Men & Women – The Ultimate Bracelet Wrist Size Guide

Average Wrist size For Men & Women – The Ultimate Bracelet Wrist Size Guide

When choosing bracelets, it is important they fit properly, because a lot of how the bracelet looks on you is how it sits on your wrist.

But what’s the average wrist size for men and women?

In this article, we’ll present you The Ultimate Wrist Size Guide For Men And Women and The Average Wrist Sizes For Both Genders.

Average Wrist size for women

Bracelet sizes are sometimes categorized in the following sizes:

  • XS
  • S
  • M

But what does these letters stand for and what wrists do they fit?

Standard Bracelet Sizes:
Extra Small (XS) ~ fits 6.5 inches or 16.51 centimeters = This is the average of a small woman’s wrist.
Small (S) ~ fits 7 inches or 17.78 centimeters = This is the average size of a woman’s wrist.
Medium (M)~ fits 8 inches or 20.32 centimeters = This is the average man’s, or a woman with large wrist.

Average Wrist Size For Men

Small (S) ~ fits 8 inches or 20.32 centimeters = This is the average of a man with

Medium (M) ~ fits 8.5 inches or 21.59 centimeters = This is the average man’s wrist size.

Large (L) ~ fits 9 inches or 22.86 centimeters = This is the size of a man with a slightly larger wrist size.

Extra Large (XL) ~ fits 9.5 inches or 24.13 centimeters = This is the average of a man with large wrists.

Something that also decides how large your bracelets should be is if you want a snug or a loose fit. If you prefer the losser fit, you might want to look at a size up – but be careful though. Having a too large bracelet might make it look weird and ruin the stylish effect the bracelet otherwise give. If you’re looking to have a more snug-fitting bracelet, looking at the size below might be more suitable for you. The same thing goes for this as well. Be careful, becaus you don’t want to make it look like the bracelet is trying to choke your wrist.

Have in mind that the nature of the bracelet also has an effect on how it will fit on you, so it’s important to take that into consideration when choosing your bracelet size.

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