8+ Best SEO Extensions for Chrome 2022

Nowadays the Google Chrome Internet browser is one of the most used by Marketing and Social Media experts along with the Firefox browser, that is why we spend many hours and time in front of this browser and it would surely be very useful for us.

Having extensions that facilitate our daily work, help us save time, and optimize our work on the Google browser as much as possible. You can easily achieve your marketing goals now that there are Socialwick services that can guarantee great results.

That is why I have compiled a list of the best Chrome extensions for SEO and Social Media. In the Chrome Web Store, you can find everything you need. From extensions to analyze links, through tools that offer statistics to track redirect routes. With them, everything you need to do a good SEO job is in one place and always within reach in Chrome, the favorite browser for many.

08+ Best SEO Extensions for Chrome 2022

These are some of the Chrome extensions for SEO that you can find in their Web Store if you start to get into this search engine optimization.

1. Ahrefs

One of the best SEO tools that we can find among Chrome’s SEO extensions. It is perfect to know and analyze the links that lead to our website, those of the competition or those of a specific domain. Another very interesting function is the possibility of comparing up to five domains and analyzing the backlinks of the competition.

It is very easy to use and the information it offers us is presented in charts, which are so necessary for the SEO reports on a web page. 

2. SEOquake

One of the most popular SEO extensions among those you can find in Chrome. It is presented, like other extensions, in the form of a bar that is integrated into the browser, so it is very useful if what we want is to have a series of data at a glance. Clicking on its Diagonisis button, the tools offer us very quickly a series of data that helps in the analysis.

Among the parameters offered by SEOquake, Alexa data, information about Google Page Rank, Yahoo Links, Bing Index, Whois, SEMRush Rank, nofollow links, among many others.

It is also interesting because it informs us about the last cache date or analyzes the word density on the page.

3. MozBar

As everyone knows, Moz is a reference in the SEO world. Simple and minimalist, MozBar allows you to easily access the data you need for your daily tasks. For some reason, it is the favorite SEO extension of most search engine optimization specialists.

With MozBar you can do onpage analysis of a website, offline, know its backlinks, Page Authority data of a specific page or a domain, shows the dofollow and nofollow links and more.

4. WooRank Seo

If this extension stands out for something, it is for its automation. Analyze a certain web page and generate an SEO report, all automatically.

5. Open SEO Stats

But if what you really need is a simple extension that offers you a series of basic SEO data, this is your tool. Alexa and Page Rank ranking, indexed pages, robot.txt, sitemap, loading speed, in addition to analyzing fields such as title, meta description and others etc.As a complement to the previous one, Open SEO provides details such as geolocation, traffic statistics, cache statistics, indexed pages, backlinks, etc. It also shows the relevance of the website in various search engines such as Ask, Baidu, Bing and Yahoo.

6. User-Agent Switcher

User-Agent Switcher is an extension for Google Chrome that changes the user agent for a different one to check if a web address will look good or not in another browser or operating system.

Each browser has its own proposed agent. It tells the websites you visit which operating system and which web browser you use. Sometimes a page looks bad in another browser or has a version adapted to mobile phones. User-Agent Switcher allows you to change it in Google Chrome.

User-Agent Switcher allows you to change the user agent quickly. By default, it includes a few, the most important ones: Firefox 3.5, 4 and 10 for Windows, Opera 10, Safari 4 for Mac, Internet Explorer 6 to 9, iPhone 4, iPad and Android.

From the User-Agent Switcher configuration, you can add your own user agents. Every time you change it you will see a new indicator.

7. Check My Links

I love this extension for Chrome because we can detect broken links at a glance. If the link is good it will appear marked in green, but it is broken it will appear in red.

It is very important that our website does not have broken links, and this application can certainly help us.

8. Google Tag Assistant

Tag Assistant is a Google Chrome extension that verifies the correct installation of tags on your page. In this way, we can immediately know if the labels that we have inserted in the page that we are seeing work as we want.

It works with the following tools:

  • Google Analytics (ga.js)
  • Google Analytics (dc.js)
  • AdWords Conversion Tracking
  • AdWords Remarketing (legacy)
  • AdWords Remarketing (new remarketing tag)
  • Doubleclick Floodlight
  • Google Tag Manager

9. Web developer

Although this extension was designed with web developers in mind, it also has some useful things for SEO. 

For example:

You can disable javascript and verify that the navigation menus and the rest of the site continue to work. You can also disable the CSS and verify that the content is still there, that it is not hidden or disappears.

You can enable image alt tags to be displayed in the document, even replace all images with their corresponding alt tag. You can also highlight images that are resized directly in the HTML. If they are very large, it would be advisable to resize the image directly to accelerate the loading speed of the web.

You can load the current page in various resolutions to check if it has a responsive design.

But changing the User-Agent with the previous extension: There we see that it looks perfectly on mobiles, but based on the User-Agent that makes the request, not the screen resolution.

10. Hub Spot

A great free HubSpot extension that puts your email on steroids. It works for Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail and more. It has several functions but I mainly use it for two things:

Schedule emails to be sent later.

Monitor who opens my emails, at what time and from where.

For the second, it is not always 100% accurate, many times in the location it is wrong, but even so, it is very useful because it alerts you when the recipient opens your email through a notification.

You can still check which emails have not been opened.

For example, if you sent an email requesting a link, you can enter and check a couple of days later if the person opened your email. If not, you can resend another one without problem.

These are some of the SEO extensions for Chrome that we have available, although the range is much broader.

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