4 Tips When Buying a Diamond Ring

People normally have a lot of questions when buying a ring, especially a diamond ring as it is almost always a big investment. To save you time, and help you, we have gathered the 4 best tips for you who are thinking of buying a diamond ring? Don’t miss this and avoid the mistakes!

1. A diamond won’t be a bargain

Bargains aren’t really to be had in the same way as other things. No matter if you wait for a long time or scout all over the place. Maybe you have been looking for a long time, and finally, you find one that is cheaper than all of the others you have found. But here, it’s important that you are careful. In fact, if the price is significantly lower, there is always a catch. Maybe the diamond has visible inclusions? Is it a lifeless diamond? Is it of low quality?

2. Maximize Your Budget

If you are not so careful that your diamond adheres to the even carat weights like 0.5, 1, 1.5, you can advantageously buy the weight just under the “big even number”. There is money to be saved here. The reason for the higher price of the even weights is that demand is greater. Have you thought about 1 Carat? Then examine the range 0.9-0.99 and rather place the difference in a better grinding or color. Then you get more diamond for your money.

3. Don’t put too much weight on the Carat weight.

Many customers choose Carat as the only criterion when buying diamonds. The quality of a diamond is judged according to 4 criteria “the four Cs”, Carat, Clarity, Color, and Cut, which is an international standard. All four C’s are important to keep in mind when buying a diamond, which is easy to forget if you stare blindly at what carat diamond has.

However, all else being equal, a larger diamond will always be more expensive than a smaller one. Important to bring with you is also that weight is not the same as the size in all situations. There are several factors that affect the visual experience of how big a diamond is. For example, a diamond of 0.9 Carat can be experienced larger than a diamond of 1 Carat.

4. Buy a diamond with GIA certificate

All too often, people ask about diamond purchases where the certificate is missing. Many of the purchases have been made abroad during the holidays. Buying a diamond without a certificate is like buying from a seller who is self-rated.

As you understand, the grades are in most cases taken in excess and with that price as well. Once the diamond is certified, it has been assessed by an independent third party. Be sure to choose a diamond with a certificate from a credible institution. A reputable and trustworthy certification is GIA (Gemological Institute of America) which is the most regarded in the industry.

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