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Think that the only way to wear a piece of jewelry that is professional, luxurious and sophisticated on your wrist is to slip on a precious metal bracelet? The WBracelet collection is here to change your mind. This collection of designer bracelets for men and women reflects the aesthetics of the leather bracelet trend, bringing that look to life in a way that is refined and polished to perfectly suit any occasion.

Headquartered in Sweden, WBracelet is an up and coming designer jewelry brand that was founded in 2015. The designers behind the brand believe that trendy, modern jewelry doesn’t have to compromise quality or sophistication. That’s why each bracelet that bears the WBracelet brand name is made from the finest of materials like genuine leather and stainless steel fasteners. Products are produced under strict quality standards, and each one is hand inspected to ensure that it is flawless before it is shipped.

The signature WBracelet has a braided leather rope design with bold color and a pleasing texture. Sold in sizes to suit every wrist, the bracelets fasten with a convenient side lock clasp, and they measure 6 millimeters in thickness.

WatchBandit is proud to be an authorized retailer of WBracelet designs. Our collection includes a number of colours with options that appeal equally to ladies and to gents. Explore the collection of WBracelet leather bracelets now and discover your favourite style. When you spend $49 or more, we’ll ship your order for free anywhere in the world.