How To Flawlessly Stack Bracelets For Women

How To Flawlessly Stack Bracelets For Women

Stacking bracelets is a trend right now. It’s super in and very easy to pull off. But because there are so much going on, it might be difficult to know how to stack bracelets together to make it look good.

1. When you do an arm party, you should just do it on one arm. Two stacked arm will look a bit off and people won’t know which arm to look at.

You can either stack one arm and leave the other one free, or do one arm and then accessorize with a few rings, or one arm and then a statement piece on the other. Not something that is way out there though.

These are just some general guidelines so if you want to break the rules, that’s fine:)

Stacking can be done in formal occasions, casual occasions and everything in between.

How to stack really depends on where you’re going and how you feel comfortable.

Strategy 1: Neutral look.

One safe bet is to stick to a plain and basic colour.

This is a safe bet that goes well with everything. Neutral colours such as black and brown is beautifully complimented by a few gold bracelets but also works well with silver as well.

This makes for a very edgy yet casual wrist party but you can also dress it up a bit more if you have some “out there” bracelets to add to the party.

Strategy 2: Play With Themes.

Wearing different types of bracelets stacked can create a very festive feel. Mix between bangles, gold, neutral-coloured pieces and more chunky bracelets to make for a very unique yet stylish wrist party.

This bracelet strategy goes well with everything you decide to wear, while still keeping it stylish and glamurous.

Strategy 3: Mixing Gold With Silver.

Believe it or not, silver and gold goes really well together.

When using this kind of strategy, you want one of the metals to be dominant of the other.

If you prefer yellow gold, wear more gold bracelets and then add one or a few silver bracelets to really make your wrist party pop. This is a tactic that both work on casual occasions and for everyday use. This combinatio adds a bit of flirtyness and glam to whatever it is that you are wearing.

Strategy 4: Break The Rules.

This is a bold move but once you get a hold of it, it will be a killer combo. Throw all you bracelets in front of you and work with whatever works together.

Try pairing gold and silver together, try pairing a really expensive golden or diamond bracelets with cheap bracelets and “normal” priced bracelets.

Here, you have to experiement

Work with what you have, add a few new pieces to your collection and then see what works with your outfit. Experiementing is the fun part here!

The Ultimate Bracelet Guide For Men

The Ultimate Bracelet Guide For Men

Should men wear bracelets or not?

This is a dubject that stirs up a lot of emotions among some men but wearing bracelets correctly – and wearing thr right bracelets, can really enhance your style and ove all appearance.

As bracelets have beeen more popular among women than men, it’s easy to belive that bracelets ae something feminine and an alley that mmen shouldn’t walk in.

However, bracelets are just like any jewelry – watches, necklaces and rings, and can be part of any stylish man’s wardrobe accessories.

Why should men wear bracelets?

Once we’ve gotten past the stage and mindset that bracelets are something feminine and an accessorie that shouldn’t be worn by men, we can go more into detail of the reasons men should wear bracelets, and the benefits it has.

Just like any piece of jewelry, bracelets helps improve your outfit and can add a little bit of personality to your otherwise neutral dress code. Bracelets are especially suitable when wearing a suit as there are few accessories that helps you stand out when wearing one.

What bracelets should you wear?

The type of bracelets you wear depends on the occasion and the outfit you wear.

If you are going for a suit, something discrete such as steel or silver bracelets makes for a great combo, that doesn’t steel the show. It just helps show that you are aware of what you are wearing and that you have put some thought into it. It might be a small detail but it sends signals that you care about your appearance, portraying you as someone who knows what you’re doing.

If you go with a more casual look, for example jeans and a shirt, the bracelets you choose should be different, but the purpose of the bracelets is still the same – adding personality and a signal of self-awareness.

What about the sizing?

The sizing and fit of the bracelets you are wearing have a lot to do with how they look on your wrist. For women, larger bracelets with a bit more play is more common, but as a man, you should aim towards getting bracelets that sits properly on your wrist. Especially if you’re dressed up. It’s just like a tailor-made suit, fitted to perfection.

How should you wear bracelets?

There are some basic rules you should apply to the way you wear bracelets.

Here are some basic, yet important guidelines of wearing them properly:

  • Don’t stack too many bracelets on one arm – it will just look clumsy
  • Bracelets one one arm is the best recipe. If you are wearing a watch on one arm, don’t add a ton of bracelets on the same wrist. Wearing them on the other wrist will help balance your accesories.
  • When stacking bracelets, go for more thin bracelets such as leather cords, don’t go stacking up several bangles on one arm.
  • While it can sometimes look good adding bracelets on the same wrist as your watch, the safe bet is wearing them on the other arm.
  • Don’t wear bracelets in a bold colour when wearing something preppy. Stay with more cold and natural colours when doing so.

What Type Of Bracelets For Which Occasions?

As we’ve identified, not all bracelets are suitable for all occasions. This means that as a style-conscious man, you need to have a collection of bracelets that you can switch between, based on the occasion and your outfit.

Here, we’ll present some of the safe bets in the form of bracelets that you can wear for different occasions.

1.  Steel bracelets

Steel is a very masculine material and wearing steel bracelets is no exception.

Steel bracelets are very natural and not bold. These are often the type of bracelets that goes well with a suit to enhance your apearance.

Here, you want to stay more careful, so one bracelets is often enough.

Add a steel bangle or a bead bracelet in a steel colour to your suit, to make for a bold statement.

When wearing steel bracelets together witha suit, you want to be a bit careful with gemstones. Normally, they can appear as too flashy together with a suit, but if you know what you’re doing, it should be fine.

2. Leather bracelets

Leather bracelets are all-around bracelets for men. Depending on the colour of course.

Just like jeans, you can wear them on almost any occasion. If you feel like dressing up, you can put on a shirt and throw on a jacket and it will still look good.

The good thing with leather bracelets is that they come in all different shapes, colours and sizes so finding one for you won’t be difficult. Just like steel, leather is also considered to be quite manly so you won’t take a very big risk of adding one to your outfit.

You can see leather bracelets everywhere, and for men, they have become an easy way to add a bit of personal touch to any outfit.

If you feel like going more relaxed, stacking several thinner leather cords is a stylish yet relaxed approach that simply can’t go wrong.

For more dressed up outfits, one or two thicker leather bracelets are perfect. Of course in a natural colour such as black or brown.

Wearing leather bracelets to a conservative meeting full of suits might be a bit edgy but if you have a confident style and authority, you might just be able to pull it off.

3. Macrame bracelets

Macrame bracelets are even more casual than thin leather bracelets son these aren’t something you should wear with a suit.

Macrame bracelets have a very casual look to them but those who are adorned with some precious metals such as beads, will still add a touch of luxury to your outfit.

These types of bracelets are perfect for a relaxed outfit, for example if you’re on the beach or are wearing a t-shirt. Macrame bracelets often look great in a bold and strong colour, so adding a few bright-coloured bracelets to your otherwise casual style can really help make your otherwise boring outfit pop.

In addition, these are super comfortable to wear, so it goes well together with a comfortable, casual style.

4. Gemstone bracelets

These, you should be careful with as a man, but if you can pull them, they can look amazing and complement your style in a way that most men only can dream about.

While gemstone bracelets are mainly for dressed-up occasions worn by women, for men, they are something i-between.

Normally, gemstone bracelets don’t go well with a suit, but with a nice shirt and some stylish chinos, they can be just right.

Here, you can mix and match between different metals and see which suits you the best.

5. Beaded bracelets

Beaded bracelets are super easy to wear, mainly because they’re normally one size fits all.

Here, the occasion mostly depend on the type of beaded bracelet. For example, stone beads in various colours makes for a more casual look and should be worn accordingly. Beaded bracelets in precious metals can and should be worn with similaroutfits as the gemstone bracelets, but these make for a less “risky” choice and can be worn without the fear of looking feminine.

Of course, these are just general “rules” that goes for most men. There will of course be exceptions. If you’re a man who can pull most accessories of with a bit of swagger and class, you should certainly do it, because being unique can ultimately make you a trendsetter who create trends that evntually becomes the “norm” for most men.

How To Measure Your Wrist And Find The Perfect Bracelet Size

How To Measure Your Wrist And Find The Perfect Bracelet Size

When choosing a bracelet, it’s important that you measure your wrist properly so you know your exact wrist size.

In this article, we’ll tell you step-by-step how to measure the circumference of your wrist.

How To Measure Your Wrist

1. Get a thin measuring tape measure (the thinner you’ll have, the more exact measurements). You can also use a thin strip of paper and then mark your result on the paper. Then, measure the paper strip.

2. Wrap the paper strip or tape measure around your wrist right below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear a bracelet.

3.  The measurements is your wrist size.

To find a suitable bracelet size, you want to add one of the following lenghts to your wrist size, depending on how you like your bracelet fit.

For a snug bracelet fit, add  1/4 to 1/2 inches or 0.635 to 1.27 centimeters to your wrist size. This is your bracelet size

For a comfort/normal fit, add 3/4 to 1 inch or 1.905 to 2.54 centimeters to your wrist size. This is your bracelet size.

For a Loose/relaxed fit, add 1 1/4 inches or 3.175 centimeters to your wrist size. This is your bracelet size.


It’s important that you carefully read the bracelet size information given when ordering bracelets. Sometimes, you will be asked for the bracelet size, which is the sizes you find above (depending on your preferred fit) and sometimes, you will be asked for your wrist size. Here, there’s no need for you to add anything, simply choose the size you got when measuring your wrist.


How To Wear Arm Candy For Women

How To Wear Arm Candy For Women

Wearing arm candy is much more than just pileing bracelet after bracelet. There is actually some kind of strategy behind it in order to make it look as flawless as possible.

The strategy you’re going to use depends on where you are going, for example to work or to a party, because that’s what will decide how you’re going to wear bracelets and what bracelets you should be wearing.

In this article, youll learn how to wear different kind of arm candy for different kind of occasions.

5 Ways To Wear Arm Candy

1. Casual Style

If you’re looking to go with a casual look, this is an approach you should take.

For casual looks, wearing more earthy materials as bracelets complements your outfit really well.

Materials that are great for casual looks are:

  1. Yarn
  2. Beads
  3. Woven textures

Wrap bracelets are also great because these can be adjusted to fit your wrist, no matter what size you have for a perfect fit.

When going for a casual look, stacking more bracelets on more arm can really make your over all appearance pop as it creates an asymetrical balance that looks great with more casual styles.

2. Sophistication with a dash of Classic

This is perfect if you love to accessorize but don’t want your wristwear to be too bold. In the workplace, this is often a go-to strategy for many fashionable women.

This approach is a great way to add some fun accessories to your outfit without being to bold.

To succeed with creating an original sophisticated look, keeping your bracelets within the same colour family makes for a sleek monochromatic look. All black arm candy especially, is a move that can’t go wrong since it adds a sleek and chic look for your workplace.

Bonus tip:

If you, like me, like to wear larger bracelets, having them slip of your wrist can be annoying. Having a watch as a base helps prevent them from slipping off from your wrist. Having your watch at the bottom intead of the top works as a stopped that holds your bracelets in place.

3. Everyday wear

You want to have some unique and stylish bracelets for everyday wear. Here, you also have the possibility of experiementing a bit to really create a unique yet stylish look.

A tip is to mix delicate silver, gold & rose gold pieces for everyday elegance. These types of metals normally matches well with everything you throw on, so for everyday wear, you don’t have to think about what you should wear on your wrist as these types of bracelets looks amazing no matter what outfit you go for.

Precious metals make for a beautiul eveyday look that you can feel comfortable in.

4. Glamorous occasions

This is the ultimate wrist candy for a night out or any other occasion where you want to get glammed up.

A great thing with arm candy is that you are able to really enhance a whole outfit with the help of a few bracelets.

If you’re wearing a cute dress for example, to make it a bit more flashy and transform your outfit into something that screams luxury and glam, you should add diamonds.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend after all.

Even if you have a more casual outfit, it’s a great way to make your outfit a bit more glamurous.

Silver and gold looks really great together, especially when combined with diamonds so if you’re feeling like being more dressed up, adding a bit of flash with diamond, gold and silver is a must!

X Top Mistakes Men Make Regarding Bracelets

8 Top Mistakes Men Make Regarding Bracelets

1. Believing bracelets are only for women

This is one of the most common mistakes and misconceptions when it comes to men and bracelets.

It is also far away from the truth. If you look far back in the history, jewelry (bracelets included) symbolized power, it symbolized wealth and where you came from and it could be worn both by men and women, kings and queens.

The last couple of years, a trend where bracelets have become an accepted accessory for men in the society, has taken place. The idea and belief that bracelets only are for women still lives on even though it isn’t the truth. So the beliving that bracelets only are for women is completely wrong.Actors like Johhny Depp,  Jay

Celebrities like Johhny Depp,  Jay-Z, Kanye West and David Beckham can often be seen wearing bracelets and that just shows that the belief that bracelets only are for women is completely wrong.

2. Not paying attention to the situation

When it comes to bracelets, knowing the situation and occasion that you’ll be going to should decide what bracelets you wear and therefore, it’s good to have a collection of bracelets that you can choose from depending on the situation.

Make sure you are adapting the way you use bracelets and which bracelets you use depending on the situation you’re in.

Matching leather bracelet with watch

3. Not wearing it with confidence

The belief that bracelets only are for women can play a part in this. First of all, it’s important that you like the bracelets you are wearing. When looking at your bracelets, you have to go: “I like how that looks”. When you have purchased some bracelets that you are satisfied with, you have to practice wearing it. In the beginning, you might feel uncomfortable as you do with most things you aren’t used to but quickly, you’ll get used. Once you’ve gotten used to it, you’ll actually start enjoying your bracelets and finally, you won’t even notice they’re there. Until someone compliments you that is.

4. Wearing too many at once

Wearing too many bracelets at ones makes each piece disappear in the crowd. Instead, you want every individual piece to shine. This doesn’t not mean that you can ‘t stack several bracelets on one wrist but you should be careful about the way you do it.

Braided Leather Bracelet magnet with watch

5. Not wearing the right bracelets suitable for you

There are two things that play a part here. First, it is your wrist size. You shouldn’t wear bracelets that are too loose or too tight. You want your bracelets to sit just like a bespoke suit. This makes the overall appearance of your wrist and bracelet look better.

Secondly, another thing you should think about when it comes to wearing bracelets suitable for you is your skin type.

Generally, there are two skin types. Cool tone and warm tone. An easy way to see if you are one or the other is by looking at your wrist and if you can see your blue veins, you are a cool tone. If you have a warm tone, you won’t be able to see your veins very well.

Warm tones naturally looks better with gold bracelets and cool tone usually looks better with steel or silver. You just have to see which of those two suits best for you.

6. Not maintaining your bracelets

7. Showering

This is bad for several reasons. If you have bracelets with an elastic band, the plastic thread can become weak and ultimately snap. If you shower with your bracelets, you will cut the life of them significally.

8. Not asking for help

one big mistake that men make while buying jewelry is that they do not ask for help. Checking with a friend or the sales person to make sure that fits, that it’s worth the money, etc. can be a huge help and make a big difference.

Beaded Blue sediment Jasper bracelet



Wbracelet beaded bracelets lapiz lazuli

Top Reasons Why Wearing The Right Size Bracelets is Important

When wearing bracelets, it is not only about the type of bracelets you wear that will decide how it looks on you. One important part of making bracelets look good on you is wearing bracelets that fits properly.

Why does this matter?

Wearing bracelets is an art. You can’t expect that buying a bracelets that looks good on display will look good when it sits on your wrist. The same principle goes for when buying clothes. You might have spotted a shirt that looks amazing and decide to buy it, but once you put it on, it’s too big.  In that moment, it doesn’t matter how good the shirt looks, it doesn’t look good on you.

The same thing goes for bracelets. But here, it is not only about the size around your wrist. The size of the bracelet also plays an important part. And here, we’re talking about the actual size, in millimetres, which is height and width.

There’s a catch

As we talked about, the size of the bracelets can make a huge difference in how it looks. For example, an “average” looking bracelet can look better on you if it sits properly than a bracelet that you absolutely love but doesn’t sit very well on your wrist.

How Can You Actually Use This?

Now that you know size matters when it comes to bracelets,  you should choose bracelets accordingly.

For example, stacking large bracelets with a big width is a big no-no – especially for men. Doing this will only look clumsy and like you have no idea of what you’re dong.

So what can you do instead?

The golden rule is simple. Apply these rules when wearing bracelets to make your wristgame look flawless.

We can divide bracelets in to three categories.

Large bracelets

Medium sized bracelets

And.. Small bracelets.

Doing this helps you decide which bracelets you should pair together and which bracelets you should leave alone.

Large Bracelets

Large bracelets are the chunky ones that takes up a lot of space on your wrist.

These bracelets should not be stacked together with any other bracelets. When wearing large bracelets, one is enough.

Medium Sized Bracelets

These bracelets take up less size on your wrist. A normal medium sized bracelet is around 6mm thick.

When looking to stack medium bracelets, you should be careful, however know that stacking can be done. Limit yourself to two medium sized bracelets though.

Small bracelets

Small bracelets are normally 5 millimetres thick and below.

Here’s where it gets fun.

Normally, macrame, string and small brads fall into this category.

With small bracelets, you can go a bit more crazy when mixing and matching.

Since these bracelets don’t take up too much space on your wrist, you can stack up to four on one wrist, but not more than that.

Try mixing different materials and colours, and if you can, add a bracelet or two that matches the colour of something from your outfit, for example your belt or shoes. This can dramatically increase the over all appearance of your outfit and send signals that you are a guy that is very style-aware.

How to Measure Your Wrist

Average Wrist size For Men & Women – The Ultimate Bracelet Wrist Size Guide

When choosing bracelets, it is important they fit properly, because a lot of how the bracelet looks on you is how it sits on your wrist. Just like it is important to wear clothes that sit well, it is equally important to wear bracelets that sit properly as well. This will ultimately have a big impact on how they look on you.

But what’s the average wrist size for men and women?

In this article, we’ll present you The Ultimate Wrist Size Guide For Men And Women and The Average Wrist Sizes For Both Genders.

Average Wrist size for women

Bracelet sizes are sometimes categorized in the following sizes:

  • XS
  • S
  • M

But what do these letters stand for and what wrists do they fit?

Standard Bracelet Sizes:

  • Extra Small (XS) ~ fits 6.5 inches or 16.51 centimeters = This is the average of a small woman’s wrist.
  • Small (S) ~ fits 7 inches or 17.78 centimeters = This is the average size of a woman’s wrist.
  • Medium (M)~ fits 8 inches or 20.32 centimeters = This is the average man’s, or a woman with a large wrist.

Average Wrist Size For Men

  • Small (S) ~ fits 8 inches or 20.32 centimeters = This is the average of a man with
  • Medium (M) ~ fits 8.5 inches or 21.59 centimeters = This is the average man’s wrist size.
  • Large (L) ~ fits 9 inches or 22.86 centimeters = This is the size of a man with a slightly larger wrist size.
  • Extra Large (XL) ~ fits 9.5 inches or 24.13 centimeters = This is the average of a man with large wrists.

Something that also decides how large your bracelets should be is if you want a snug or a loose fit. This is completely according to preference, and there is no right or wrong here.

If you prefer the looser fit, you might want to look at a size up – but be careful though. Having a too large bracelet might make it look weird and ruin the stylish effect that the bracelet otherwise gives your outfit. If you’re looking to have a more snug-fitting bracelet, looking at the size below might be more suitable for you. The same thing goes for this as well. Be careful, because you don’t want to make it look like the bracelet is trying to choke your wrist.

Have in mind that the nature of the bracelet also has an effect on how it will fit on you, so it’s important to take that into consideration when choosing your bracelet size. For example, if you are going to wear a thick leather bracelet, it needs to be slightly larget than if you are wearing a thin bracelet that doesn’t take much room or space.

The easiest way to measure your wrist size accurately is to measure with a measurement tool specially made for measuring your wrist, as seen below:


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Beaded Gemstone bracelets shamballa

How Many Bracelets Should You Wear on one Wrist?

This subject and question have been very debated and discussed. Surprisingly though, there are quite a few answers out there – and very few good ones, so today, we’ll be discussing how many bracelets you should wear on one wrist.

So, how many bracelets should a man wear on one wrist? Well, the boring answer will always be that it depends, but with that, let us explain:

What it depends on is the occasion you’re wearing bracelets, how you wear them, what kind of person you are, and what outfit you have. If you’re in a creative field and dress casually, then you can go all out and all in as you’ll be able to pull it off. As Johnny Depp proves, it’s almost impossible to overdo it on the jewelry if it’s part of your overall look.

This is a very interesting point because when it comes to Johhny Depp, he is famous for the way he wears bracelets, and maybe it is his authority and the manliness he radiates when wearing them that makes it go so well with his overall appearance.

There’s a difference…

However, if you’re not in a creative field or have a creative or relaxed style and appearance, it’s important to match the situation and work you are in. For example, if you work as an accountant in a conservative American office, even one bracelet can be a lot on one wrist. This is because the tradition and the dress code of looking like everybody else does is completely different from the example above. With that said, you need to think about how each bracelet adds to your look and how it goes together with the style you want to mediate.

The best way to decide how many bracelets you should wear in conservative environments is to use your sense and your own judgment to decide on the right amount of wrist candy.

Another great way to determine whether or not you can pull off several bracelets is by looking around you at the other men in your space. More specifically, look at the people who have been in the same position as you but for a longer period of time. Are they wearing bracelets? If so, how many? If not, it might be an indication that you should be very conservative with the number of bracelets you put on, maybe satisfy with one. Or, it can be an indication that no one has dared to break the conservative patterns and all that is needed is someone to take the first step. Once again, your judgment is needed here.

There’s more…

Let’s continue on the “it depends” track, but explain it a bit more.

Another reason why the number of bracelets you should wear on one wrist depends, is that not all bracelets are created equal. There are large bracelets, clumsy bracelets, thin and thick bracelets.

Which of these you choose to wear ultimately decides how many you can stack on your wrist.

If you are wearing large bracelets, one might do the job very well, because if you starting wearing multiple on one wrist, it can look clumsy and awkward.

If you are wearing mid-size bracelets, you can do a bit more stacking. However, as these are fairly large as well, two is a pretty good number, but then again, it depends and can vary case-by-case based on the nature of the bracelets you are wearing.

If you are wearing smaller bracelets, you can do a little bit more stacking but have 4 or 5 bracelets as maximum. Stacking bracelets is a way to show your true character and helps portray your personal style. Here, the best is to experiment to find what you think looks best but experimenting with both steel and gold can create a very bold yet appealing look. Something that can also look good is adding a bracelet in the same color as something you’re wearing, for example, a belt or shoes. This helps create a connection and makes for a better overall appearance, plus – it makes you look like a style guru who knows what you are doing.

Note that these are just general guidelines and should be valued accordingly. If you’re a guy who can pull off stacking 4 mid-size bracelets, you should of course do that if you feel comfortable doing so and like the look.

Can you stack bracelets on the same wrist as your watch?

Absolutely! But you’ll have to be careful. Wearing bracelets on the same wrist as your watch can make your wrist look crowded and unbalanced. Something to really think about is wearing metal bracelets against your watch can leave scratches on it, so if you are very careful of your watch, wearing softer bracelets that don’t scratch your watch is a recommendation.

Even if wearing bracelets and watch on the same wrist is a bold move, doing so correctly can help portray the watch in a very beautiful way.

How many bracelets should you wear on one wrist?

To conclude the answer to this question, the real answer is that it depends. Stacking bracelets and mixing and matching is an art. If done correctly, bracelets can complement each other extremely well in terms of design, color, and size. If done incorrectly, it can result in an unbalanced look.

But to help you, you can use these guiding points as helpful starting points:

  • Relaxed/creative style: Maximum 4 bracelets per wrist – depending on size.
  • Dressed-up and conservative style: Maximum 2 bracelets per wrist, depending on size
  • Large bracelets: Maximum 1 or 2. Perhaps complemented by another small bracelet, if appropriate
  • Small bracelet: Maximum 4, but may also be complemented with a medium-sized bracelet for balance.

If you are unsure

If you are unsure, it’s always best to be careful and avoid stacking and stacking as not to overdo it.

Stay on the safe side by simply using one, more discreet bracelet. It’s better to underdo it as opposed to overdoing it. If you underdo your bracelets, the worst risk is that you don’t get the full potential from your bracelet. If you overdo it, you risk ruining your whole look and looking like a clown.

Wearing just one bracelet is clean and classic, and you can never really go wrong by doing so.

Materials, shape, size form

As demonstrated, these are all factors that will affect how you can stack bracelets and how they will look on you. These are all factors important to have in mind, because stacking 4 small bracelets may look great, but if you stack 4 large bracelets. it will likely look very awkward. A tip when stacking bracelets is to ensure a good fit and that not all bracelets are identic. You want some diversity and bracelets of different styles and materials to allow for a beautiful stacking.

The Ultimate Bracelet Guide For Men

The Ultimate Bracelet Guide For Men

High-quality stylish men’s bracelet can be really hard to come across. Bracelets from your local supermarket or general store normally hold very bad quality, while using low-quality materials.

In this article, we’ll present you with ideas on how you can wear bracelets to complement your daily outfit, and give you some examples on stylish bracelets men can wear for different occasions.

Why wear bracelets?

Bracelets give that extra kick to your outfit and help enhance your overall look in a discrete yet stylish way. In short, bracelets are that cherry on the top to creating a really great look.

Bracelets are not means to be the center of attention, but definitely, a complementing accessory that sends a signal that you are someone who knows what you’re doing when it comes to fashion.

However, to achieve that, you must know how to wear them properly. And know what bracelets to use for what occasions.

Investing in high-quality jewelry that will last long and looks stylish for years to come is really important for a man, and it’s important that you have a few different bracelets, that can be mixed and matched depending on the occasion.

The controversy…

There has been a lot of controversy of men wearing bracelets, which is slowly starting to disappear.

Some men are scared of bracelets. They think that too many bracelets might make them look feminine or not the right kind of bracelet could make them look feminine or simply tacky.

BUT. If you know what you’re doing, bracelets are a great accessory for any man to help flare things up a little bit.

Let’s get into how you can wear bracelets, and what bracelets you can wear.

How to wear them

When wearing bracelets, a good limit of bracelets is 2-3, depending on what type of bracelets you have. If they are thicker, 1 or two might be enough, but if they are thinner, you can easily pull of 2-3. It is more common among women to stack countless bracelets on their wrist and still pull it off.

But if you want to make sure you’re not making your look too feminine, limiting yourself to the amounts above lets you stay on the safe side.

1. Beaded bracelets

Beaded bracelets are a more casual type of bracelet and are more casual, and therefore should not be worn with something formal.

There are tons of different beaded bracelets in different colors, different materials, and sizes, so finding some that suit your taste won’t be a big issue.

Whether you’re going to the beach or rocking a t-shirt and shorts, beaded bracelets are the go-to bracelet for these occasions.

Colour matching is always a great sign of style control, so by matching your beaded bracelet’s colors with your outfit, you can show fashion awareness even if you’re dressed casually.

Here’s an example of beaded bracelet stacking done just right. More than two beaded bracelets on each wrist might result in a too busy look, and harm the overall appearance. However, as these beaded bracelets in the picture are considered to be mid-size, they complement the outfit just perfectly:

Also, the shamballa and metal beads on each beaded bracelets makes the bracelets look more unique and classy, while still retaining that casual look.

The look picutred above is perfecr matched with a shirt, however if you would like to wear them with a suit, only choosing the two beaded bracelets in the precious metals yellow gold and rose gold might be enough for a more strict occasion, which a suit often is.

2. Metal beaded bracelets

Beaded bracelets in different metals are often more minimal and often work for more guys. Metal beaded bracelets are something masculine that still adds a lot of flair and class to your outfits and they are something simple that you can wear to almost any outfit, however, depending on the model, they are often more suitable for dressed up occasions.

Metal beaded bracelets are often smaller in size and sit more discretely on your wrist (which a lot of men like), yet still, complements your outfit without stealing the show.


If you wish to add a bit of boldness and luxury feel to your outfit, choosing a metal beaded bracelet in a precious metal such as rose gold or yellow gold is a great addition to your outfit.

If you would like to really take your outfit a level higher up the luxury ladder, choosing a metal beaded bracelet which has a few precious stones will make your outfit pop and really make your overall look more classy.

If your style can pull it off, mixing different metals can result in a super classy and confident look:

3. Leather bracelets

There are tons of different leather bracelets which men can use, and they can also be found in a variety of different colours which makes it easy to match them with any outfit your wearing.

Bracelets are great for a rugged type of look, but still are a very classy piece of jewelry that adds a lot of style to your outfit.

Leather bracelets are more casual and are therefore more difficult to dress up, but if you have, for example, a gold bracelet in a color that matches your suit or shirt, they can really enhance the overall look of your outfit without looking feminine.

Braided bracelets are extremely popular for men, and have become very trendy over the years.

Choose brown leather and a stainless steel clasp if you’re feeling more casual. Wearing a brown leather bracelet with a stainless steel clasp can really never go wrong.

If you wish to dress up a bit, but not go full suit, choosing a more bold color with a precious metal clasp will add a bit of luxury to your outfit.

Braided bracelets also come in a variety of different clasp that all look different and sends different signals. For masculinity, push-buttons are a safe bet.

Here are some examples of braided bracelets in different colours, matched with push-button clasps in different metals:

Black gunmetal clasps look very masculine and so does stainless steel. However, rose gold and yellow golds looks more exclusive and are more suitable for slightly more dressed up occasions.

4. Macrame bracelets

Macrame bracelets have a very elegant yet playful look to them, making them perfect for any casual occasion.

The best part is that because the size is adjustable, you can adjust them to fit your wrist perfectly.

These come in a variety of colors and metals, and it is recommended that every man has at least a few of these to mix and match with the color of their outfit.

Macrame bracelets are also very comfortable to wear, making them perfect for a casual outfit, where you want to be comfortable.

Here are some examples of macrame bracelets in different colors and metals.

As you can see, the colors are very bold, which is great for a relaxed, casual yet bold style.

As we talked about in the beginning of this article, stacking more than 2 or three bracelets is fine when they are thin, and macrame bracelets are perfect for just that. Wear up to 4 or 5 bracelets without feeling awkward, and rock them with confidence.

Explore the whole Macrame collection here.

If you wish to wear them on the same wrist, you can do so, because they are small and minimalistic and compliments the watch without taking too much attention. Also, macrame bracelets won’t scratch your watch. Also, having macrame bracelets in the same color as your watch makes them blend in more.

Stacking bracelets

Stacking bracelets is a discussed subject in men’s fashion, but if you know what you are doing, you can rock your stacked bracelets with confidence.

As mentioned, the rule of stacking a maximum of two or 3 bracelets can be broken sometimes and still result in a killer wristgame.

For example, stacking bracelets in the same colour will make it easier to pull it off, and matching those bracelets with something you’re wearing will take your outfit to new heights.

Here’s an example of stacking different kinds of bracelets. In this case, macrame and leather is seen looking flawless together when in the same colour, and on top of that matching the shirt.

To be on the safe side and avoid feminity, the skull bracelet adds a bit of boldness and helps the bracelets look more masculine on the wrist.

Get the twin-skull leather bracelet here

Get the blue braided bracelet here

Get the blue white gold macrame bracelet here

If you are a person who is bold and like to stand out, you can, of course, break the general guidelines and pull of stacking a lot of bracelets on the same wrist and still do it flawlessly:

In the picture, we can see four bracelets being worn on the same wrist as the watch, and for some people, this might be too much, but this man pulls it off flawlessly.

Here’s another exaomple with 4 beaded bracelets in different metals. The metals complements eachother in a great way, and even if the bracelets are fairly large, they make for a casual stylish look.

What is The Meaning Of Chakra Bracelets

What is The Meaning Of Chakra Bracelets?

Chakra bracelets are not like any bracelets. Instead, they are said to have special powers. But what are those powers and why should you wear these bracelets?

That’s what you’ll find out in this article.

What are chakra bracelets?

Chakra bracelets have been worn in India for centuries but have during the last year started to gain some traction and increased in popularity dramatically.

Chakra bracelets are said to have healing powers. To get access to that healing power, simply put them on. One is enough but the more, the merrier.

Lava Chakra bracelet

Who can wear them?

The great thing with chakra bracelets is that anyone can wear them! No matter what gender or age you are, they’re socially accepted. In addition, they are really comfortable, so wearing them every day is something that more and more people choose to do, in order to access calmness and spirituality. Plus, they match almost any outfit you wear, so matching them won’t be a difficulty.

How do they work?

The seven energies in the body are referred to as chakras. The chakra bracelets’ purpose is to balance those seven chakras in your body and help you achieve a peaceful and calm mind. The chakra bracelets are considered to have healing powers as well, stabilizing both your body and soul. It is said that all your ailments of the body can be connected to the chakras, which are in turn connected to the organs of the body.

The chakras sit in the same places as our hormone glands. Each chakra has its own color. And because the colors have different energy frequencies, they affect us mentally and emotionally in different ways. Using the power of stones, you can balance your chakras.

As mentioned, there are 7 chakra energies in the body. These are:

  • solar plexus
  • heart
  • throat
  • sacral
  • crown
  • brow
  • base

7 Chakra Bracelet

The chakra bracelets represent these 7 chakras in the form of 7 beads in different colors. Each chakra is connected to a specific color.

These beads are often partnered with other beads to complete the bracelet. A chakra bracelet can be made of any material. The important part is the colors of the seven beads. In a chakra bracelet, the 7 beads should be the colors indigo, white, violet, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, and red, however, they can be variants of these colors and don’t need to be exactly same on all chakra bracelets.

These 7 colored beads are working to keep the energy of your chakra on good levels, absorbing any negativity in your body – leaving you with only positivity left. It is important that you actually wear the bracelet. That’s when the healing process works.

There is also another thing that decides whether or not the power of the chakra bracelets work. That is if the wearer believes in the process. If the wearer doesn’t believe the chakra bracelet will do any good, it won’t. With that said, some argue that it is the power of the stones themselves that bring the health benefits, and others argue that it is solely the fact that when wearing a chakra bracelet, these increase your awareness and thus allows you to focus on those energies.

To make a long story short, the main purpose of chakra bracelets is to stabilize your body’s seven chakras at good levels while also removing any negativity from your body – leaving only positivity left.

The chakra bracelet might be the beginning of a completely new life for you!

There’s more…

Whether you are struggling with problems or not, we can all improve and become better individuals both spiritually and emotionally. These chakra bracelets help remind us about the positive in life and shift our focus from negativity to positivity.

The bracelets work as a reminder of the mindset you should have in order to feel the best you possibly can, while also improving your overall energy in life. The bracelets also help improve your mindfulness and focus on anything you set your mind to.

7 Chakras

In conclusion

No matter if you’re a spiritual person or not, the chakra bracelets can help you with your balance and heal your body from negative thoughts. The only thing necessary is that you believe in them.

Chakra bracelets match almost any outfit so you can wear them with confidence no matter where you go while being reminded of the energy levels they help stabilize.


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